The Chronicles: Day 86

a group of people sit under a large tree in ancient times listening to wise teachings.

March is here, and as I sit listening to the winds shipping around the mature trees outside, I can feel spring rattling the door, desperate to get in. Thankfully, I am now starting to walk after two months of immobility. It’s still painful, and I walk a little like Charley Chaplin, but I can now … Read more

The Chronicles: Day 51

This is the opening banner for the Millionaire Chronicles

Well, it’s been quite a start to my challenge. On 5th January, I was making one of my favourite walks along the local canal bank when I joyfully stepped in a pile of winter leaves, falling and damaging my ankle. It was quite a crack and was painful, but my partner came to pick me … Read more

The Chronicles: Day 42

My challenge is moving ahead now. During these 42 days, my mindset has transformed. I am using my thinking and feeling skills in a completely different way. 18 months of this kind of transformation is exciting and energizing. I am experiencing an incredible synergy: my professional growth through my perfect platform, Wealthy Affiliate, which organizes … Read more

The Chronicles: Day 25

Online Adventuring: Day 25 Insights I’m crafting my new online presence daily as a wealth creator. This entails writing ground-breaking articles, choosing powerful images, and reaching out to my potential audience. My plush Wealth Affiliate dashboard inspires me by providing concrete daily indications of my progress. The frequencies I have been transmitting from have changed. … Read more

Mindset Clinched: The Journey Towards Millionairedom Is Well Under Way! DAY 9

I’m going to kick things off with a thought: the journey to becoming a millionaire isn’t just a financial pursuit; it’s a frame of mind. Understanding the mindset of a potential millionaire is pivotal. It’s about cultivating a vision for your life anchored in financial freedom and resilience. Setting financial goals is not merely about … Read more